Rosemary & Thyme- The Language of Flowers- Season 1, Episode 3


This fabulous BBC TV series is like a great chocolate bar-fun and tasty.  The mysteries are engaging and the huge variety of gardens visually delightful. You’ll come to know and love the quirky gardeners and their cut to the chase style and your only regret will be the fact that the series ended.

This is another delightful English mystery series that is just darned fun.  It is about two women horticulturist who stumble upon murders while doing their gardens.  The gardens shown in this series are beautiful, I only wish there had been more seasons of the show.  If you enjoyed Midsommers Murders or  Marple this is a must see.

Rosemary and Laura are hired by Frances Caldecott, the owner of the Vincent House Health Spa, to rejuvenate ‘The Dell’ a water cascade designed by the late Fenella Gothe. Fearing they may not be able to get the water running again, the team is surprised when Frances wants to change completely the plant scheme chosen by her late husband, Edwin. Rosemary is given a copy of a book entitled The Language of Flowers, written by Edwin, but only published after his death. Laura and Rosemary are invited to dinner with Frances and her children Kate and Jeff. When Frances doesn’t arrive, they are all shocked to find her strangled in her study

When the ill-tempered matron of the family is murdered, Laura and Rosemary attempt to expose the killer by reading clues left in the flower garden by its long dead creator


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