White and Pink Roses

A bouquet of white and pink roses combines the purity and profound respect which is signified by white roses, with the thankfulness and appreciation conveyed by pink roses.  In the language of flowers, a bunch of pink and white roses together means enduring love.  The friendship element of the pink flowers accents the emphasis that this combination gives to the fact that the best relationships are based on not just romantic or passionate love, but are also grounded upon a mutually respectful friendship.  As time goes by through the months and years, that friendship grows and combines with the love to create an unshakable bond.  Sending white and pink roses together communicates that you admire the recipient’s gentility, style and grace with your pure heartfelt feelings.

Taking into consideration the combined symbolism of purity and grace, a bunch of white and pink roses is a perfect idea for a bridal bouquet or for a display at a wedding.  Their meaning extends way into a couple’s married life too.  Many anniversaries can be celebrated by a particular flower or plant.  A bouquet of white and pink and white roses represents a 20th anniversary and their meaning of  “I love you still and always will” is not just a lovely short rhyme but is an enduring re-proclaimation of adoration, recalling those original wedding vows taken exactly 20 years ago to the very day.

Together, white and pink roses create a refined ethereal beauty.  Whereas some flowers may shout their message out loudly, this particular combination proclaims its message calmly and serenely. And when two people are in love, that’s all you need.


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