The Color Symbolism of Roses


Roses can communicate a multiutude of emotions. Rose cultivation  goes as far back as 5,000 years.  While red  roses are among the most popular, the earliest known rose color was pink. By the  mid 19th century, green and yellow roses had escalated in popularity. While  color imbues roses with meaning, meaning also stems from the number of roses in  a bouquet.


Mother Nature has produced pink roses longer than any other shade. Because of  the soft, blushing shade, pink roses are associated with girlish charm and  innocence. Dark pink roses mean that the giver  is appreciative while pale pink signifies admiration and overall sweetness. Red  roses are emblematic of true love and passion, while dark, crimson roses signify  that one is in mourning. Sunshine-yellow roses symbolize friendship and good  cheer. Nicknamed the “bridal rose,” white roses are associated with purity and  starry-eyed innocence, making them popular wedding flowers.


Man made roses are truly amazing to me. Science has allowed mankind to manipulate the chemical formula of roses,  creating colors not organically possible.  Blue roses are among man-made blossoms. Blue roses were born by accident in a  laboratory. Because of its spontaneous birth, the blue rose has since come to  represent mystery and secrecy. Black roses, also not found in nature, signify  mourning and sorrow. Despite the profusion of green in the natural world, green  roses also had to be chemically bred. The green rose has since come to represent  fertility and the hope for new opportunities in life. Before horticulturists  were able to grow these unique roses, florists still produced them by dying  white roses the desired shade.


Red-tipped yellow roses is a sign that a friend wants to become a lover. Bouquets that use different colored roses communicate more complex meanings.  White nd red bouquets represent devotion to one’s true love, making such combinaions popular for brides.  Giving yellow roses with red tips is a way for friends to communicate the desire to take the relationship to a more serious stage.  Pink roses couple with red indicate happiness in a current relationsip, while pink and white roses are a simple expression of joy.


A dozen red roses incicates one longs to be involved. Up until the 19th century, all roses in Europe were white, pink or a  combination of the two. Red roses became popular when they were brought over  from China in the 19th century.  Once red roses  became popular, meaning started to become attached to the number in a bouquet. A  single rose is a fervent declaration of devotion to someone’s one and only love,  while a dozen red roses is more of a flirtatious gesture, signaling a desire for  a relationship.



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