Today Say I Love You With A Single Flower

Are you in a new romance?  For some reason you haven’t quite been able to say the words “I Love You”?    Or……you haven’t said “I Love You” to that special someone for a looooong time!  Take the time to say “I Love You” using the language of flowers. There isn’t a true woman on earth who doesn’t love flowers. Show the woman in your life how much you really care by thoughtfully choosing flowers that symbolize your unending devotion. Stop by the florist today or pick one of these great love flowers from your garden. Remember a lone flower is a fervent declaration of devotion to someone’s one and only love,  so how easy is it to say “I Love You” to the one you love today!

Flowers have many meanings ranging from friendship to love to sorrow. You can say just about anything with a flower. But you have to be sure you are conveying the right message with the right flower. There are flowers used for funerals and then there are flowers used for weddings. Much depends upon the color of the flower. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” but a black rose used where a red rose is appropriate wouldn’t be sweet at all.

Would you like something besides the typical red rose (true love) to tell your beloved how you feel?  Here are  a few good choices to choose from:

The red tulip: undying love


The Forget Me Not: true love


The purple lilac: first emotion of love

Blooming flower of purple lilac, isloated

Arbutus: You’re the only one I love!


Daisy: loyal love


Never miss a chance to let the ones you love know it!  Life is too short to wait to say “I Love You”!

If you have never heard of trailing arbutus here is a short description…..

Legend has it that flowers of the arbutus heartened the Pilgrims after their first cruel winter on the New England coast. The scientific name, Epigaea repens, means “creeping upon the earth,” which describes its trailing habit.

Emily Dickinson knew it as:

Dear to the Moss – Known to the Knoll— Next to the Robin – In every human Soul…” E.D.


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