The Language of Flowers: A Novel


A beautiful story of a young orphan who eventually learns to blossom through flowers! A story that combines aging out of foster care and the Victorian Language of Flowers.

Victoria just aged out of the foster care system and is now on her own with no high school diploma and no real work skills. All she has is a love of flowers and the knowledge of their meanings that she learned from one of her foster parents. She finds that her skill with flowers will actually pay the bills and she starts working at a florist shop. The story goes back and forth between the present and Victoria remembering her past in foster care, particularly her time with Elizabeth the foster parent who taught her the meanings of all the flowers. Through her newfound work Victoria slowly starts to connect with people, something she never allowed during her years in foster care, but soon Victoria becomes overwhelmed and pushes everyone away again. This is a fascinating novel that looks at the foster care system, the language of flowers, and the power of love. The book can be a tad dark so if you are sensitive to issues of the problems of children in the foster care system I would not recommend it.  The story is set in San Francisco and most people either love it or find it a little unsettling.  Since I live in SF and love the Language of Flowers I found it a very nice read.  Oftentimes reading about others who don’t have the same advantages that we do makes us more compassionate and understanding.  And hopefully pushes us forward into doing less for ourselves and more for others!

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