Florography- Let’s Get Started!

Have you heard of florography?

I must say that I hadn’t even know about “floriology-florography” or the Language of Flowers -(different names used for the same topic!)  until I watched an  episode of Rosemary & Thyme a few years back.  I was intrigued.   Florography , it seems, is simply flower symbolism–a message said with flowers instead of words. I don’t thing floriology or florography is used much these days, so we will just stick with the Language of Flowers from now on!  Every flower has its own message.  Almond blossom, for example, says “I’m beginning to enjoy your friendship”, rosemary says, remembrance or  “Your memory will never fade”.  So a mixed bouquet can speak volumes!

Why do we love flowers so much?
“Their perfumes have refreshed our homes, they have cured many an illness and they also send their loving messages, so we really should care for them! Like the quiet, unassuming people of this world, flowers pass on their messages of strength and sweetness.  They should never be overlooked, but always cherished.”
~Francis Gay “The Friendship Book 1994”
Ready to start using flowers to express yourself to others?  The “can’t miss flowers”  are:
to say I love You……………send roses, carnations and poppies.
to convey happiness……….send daisies, gerberas, peonies or chysanthemums.
to send along good wish…………use a bouquet of any fresh flowers in season.

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