Happy Birthday, Girlfriend!


If your girlfriend is “The One,” and you see yourself eventually popping the  question, red roses convey the message of true love.  Sometimes, a single rose says more than a bouquet.  So, if you are on a budget do not worry about that expensive bouquet of red roses. Set the scene……….flowers, music, candle light,some chocolate covered strawberries,  maybe even some rose pedals scattered on the walk way to the front door.  When she arrives offer your birthday girl a single red rose! Play Elton John’s “The One’ in the background for a really romantic moment.  If money is not an issue and you want to sweep her off her feet…..hand over a lovely dozen long-stemmed red roses and you will be the Man!


A large of bouquet is always lovely but most of us gals are very sensible and understand that a huge bouquet of roses is pricey.  A single red rose given in the right manner is just as meaningful to us as a large bouquet that we know was not in the budget!


To send a different message, other varieties of flowers will customize your sentiments; for example,  dahlias say you are hers forever. Violets proclaim your faithfulness, and let her know she’s in your thoughts, while English ivy states your  intention of fidelity and a lifetime of wedded love ahead. If red roses aren’t  in your budget, a charming bouquet of white daisies also sends your message of a  love that conquers all, in a quieter way.


Maybe it’s too soon to know if there’s a wedding in your future. In that  case, the message you want to send is, simply, “I love you.” Red tulips declare your love simply yet boldly. To express your love and friendship, try red carnations. Orchids tell her, “You are beautiful.”


If celebrating her birthday for the first time, be sincere about your  feelings. In the Language of Flowers  giving the purple lilac reflect a  couple just beginning to feel the first blush of love — with an intoxicated  fragrance sure to please. Yellow irises indicate your feelings of passion. If  you’re not yet ready to declare your love, choose gardenias; if you appreciate her delicate beauty,  hibiscus flowers will let her know.


If your relationship hasn’t yet progressed to exclusivity, it would be dishonorable to choose red roses or flowers indicating fidelity. Light pink roses let her know she sparks your desire, while orange lilies trumpet your  passion. Yellow roses serve as ambassadors of forgiveness if for some reason you are residing in the dog house -maybe because you forgot you beloveds birthday!


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