Need a Flower For An April Birthday? Daisies or Sweet Peas will do just fine!


The April birth flower is the daisy. Daisies are associated with innocence.  The Gerbera Daisy has large colorful blooms, which has made it a favorite with flower lovers. There is a legend that a nymph wanting to escape unwanted attention, transformed herself into the Daisy. Ever after this the April birth flower has the flower meaning of simplicity and modesty, inquisitiveness and brings a joyful, happy-go-lucky character wherever it appears.

I have an April baby……turning 20 this year!  How on earth did that happen as I am only 29 ;)’  I always go to Trader Joes and buy her a brightly colored bouquet of daisies!  The simple bundle of bright-colored cuties make you smile.

One of the most commonly found flowers; daisies are both simple and beautiful at the same time. These wild flowers are known for their resilience, and manage to flower in every month of the year. The daisy represents hope and new beginnings, the flower’s name literally means ‘day’s eye’ as the daisy opens at sunrise, marking the beginning of a new day. In the Language of Flowers daisies mean joy, happiness, beauty and innocence.


An alternate birth flower for April is the Sweet Pea which means blissful pleasures.



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