Flowery Girls Names~Lily


Looking for a flowery girl name!  If my first suggestion of Rose was not an option my next stop is Lily! In fact Lily Rose is a pretty amazing name in itself!

The name “Lily” is of English origin and it means “Lily Flower”. It’s a name commonly given to girls. In 2012 it was the 5th most common girls name.  My Little Rosebud has a bff named Lily. How appropriate is that! And no wonder they get along so well.

The lily is a symbol of chastity and virtue and often depicted within religion.

What does the name Lily really mean? A name is much more than just a name!

L is for luster, your shine.

I is for impressive, your qualities.

L is for lucky, who is more?

Y is for yearning, your innermost desires.


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