The Calla Lily


The Calla Lily……….one of my favorite flowers.  As a child we had one wild Calla Lily grow under the staircase to our backyard.  No one tended it……… just thrived on each own.  Each spring I would marvel and its beauty and resilience.


Calla lily is an easy to grow perennial known for its beautiful, funnel like summer bloom.  “The Calla Lilies are in bloom again.” Katherine Hepburn whispered that line in the classic film Stage Door. The calla lily flower bulbs have been special to American gardeners and come in a variety of shades now. The pristine whites are wild flowering bulbs in South Africa, and even the new glamor colors are easy to grow.  They’re all great addition to the garden or in patio pots.


Calla lilies convey the messages of magnificent beauty, panache, feminine modesty and are a symbol of marriage.  They are popular during Easter and for wedding ceremonies.



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