May Day Crafts For Kids


It’s the first of May.  What we call May Day.  Traditions are so wide and varied over the globe it would be impossible to go over all of them  Wikipedia has a nice article on May Day around the globe if you are interested!

My girls have always enjoyed hanging paper ribbons from their tether ball post and pretending to do a real May Day dance.  Always fun and cute and gets everyone excited about the coming of summer and all the play that will occur outside!

Want to do something fun for May Day?!Make Tussie-Mussies to give to friends, relatives and teachers.   You can make super fancy ones or simple paper Tussies. I just put up a post of the flowers most abundant in spring. Take a looksy at the list to get ideas on what type of flowers you would like to make.

Check out my two previous posts on Tussie-Mussies. And You Tube does have tutorials. Or if you want to go really simple with your young ones try this craft idea for May Day! Below is just a paper cone filled with paper flowers.


Also you can make a few paper flowers to hang on your neighbor’s door or to take to a nursing home and put a flower cone or basket on each door. It will most certainly brighten their day!

You need:

Flowers Printed on Pink Paper  (any colors to make any spring flowers you’d like, actually)

Flowers Printed on Yellow Paper

Flowers Printed on Teal Paper

Leaves Printed on Green Paper

Tacky Glue


Paper Plates

Pipe Cleaners or colored craft sticks

Hole Punch



Cut out flowers and leaves. Printed side will be the back of the flowers and leaves. Bend pieces up slightly on the dotted lines. This will add depth to the flowers. Assemble six flowers by layering pieces. Use a small dot of glue in the center of each piece to secure. Here are some examples of how your flowers could look:


Glue pipe cleaners of colored craft sticks to back of flowers for stems. Glue on leaves. Cut stems to different lengths

You can also make a May Day basket with  a paper plate in folded in half. Glue half plate to a full paper plate, right sides together, to form a pocket. Decorate with left over pieces. Punch a hole in the top and tie a string through it for hanging.

Glue pipe cleaner flowers to the inside of the pocket.

Fun, festive and educational as you learn about the history if May Day! I know what me and the girls are doing after school today!


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