Let’s Talk About Tulips

Flowers are a beautiful way  to convey unspoken meaning. Tulips are a spring  favorite and are ranked as the third most loved flower worldwide. Originating  from Persia and Turkey over a thousand years ago, tulips were associated with  true love. But over the years, the beautiful hues of this flower have come to  evoke many meanings. Cream pink is the color for May and I think a tulip in cream pink is absolutely lovely.
While tulips were derived from Persia and Turkey, Europe took quite a love to  them when first introduced in the 17th century. It resulted in the 1630s  “Tulipmania,” when the bulbs themselves were traded much like currency. The  Netherlands especially took a love to tulips and is now thought of with these  beloved flowers.
Over the centuries, flowers have taken on unspoken meaning, with tulips  typically being associated with fame and perfect love. Each tulip hue carries  its own symbolism.


  • Red tulips declare true love and are therefore good to give to those you  love. For those who practice feng shui, red tulips are great to have in the  home. It is also said that these red beauties help bring fame into one’s  life.

Happiness, Confidence & Caring

  • Pink tulips symbolize happiness, confidence and caring. They can convey a  message of encouragement to someone. Unlike red tulips, pink tulips indicate  caring and significantly less romantic meaning. This makes them an especially  good choice for new couples.

Cheerfulness, Sunshine & Happiness

  • Yellow tulips used to represent hopeless love but are now associated with  cheerfulness and sunshine. Orange tulips symbolize fascination, warmth and  happiness. They also indicate a person’s enthusiasm, energy and  desire


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