Sping Flowers In Mason Jars~ Quirky and Just Plain Fun

One of my very favorite ways to display spring/summer flowers is in simple mason jars.  It’s so easy to go to the local Trader Joe’s or flower market and pick out some seasonal blooms, cut the stems to the right size and pop into mason jars.  Try jars filled with a different color of tulips around the house! So pretty, so easy, so fun!

I’ve got a large Hen Party planned for this month and my large-sized blue mason jars are being pulled out. I plan on using big puffy white flowers, like Peonies or Hydrangeas. I’m going all white for this party which I have never done before! White flowers in blue mason jars, white table tops, white dress. With just a pop of color from the blue jars and green folliage. Should be interesting!

Once the spring blooms are in abundance at my favorite Trader Joe’s my weekly stop for brightly colored spring blooms is the highlight of my week.  I just love to come home and fill about half a dozen mason jars to brighten my kitchen for the week.  No special occasion needed!

I’ve used these arrangements for Homecoming pasta feeds, birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, dinner parties and mostly just for kitchen decoration to make my home look and feel cheery and colorful. They also make wonderful gifts.

Your local craft store or even grocery will sell mason jars in all types of sizes and colors.  I have an assortment in my hall closet that I pull from depending on the occasion and types of flowers I am using.

If you are lucky enough to own any of your grandmothers mason jar collections (my Grams canned fruit and had TONS of mason jars) – the vintage look for weddings is totally back in style! How easy to DIY and save some money while adding significance by using jars from your relations (especially if they are not their to enjoy the occasion with you). In spirit they will be by using their mason jars and beautiful blossoms! Love the idea!


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