Suprise Someone Today With a Spring Flower With Special Meaning!


Roses  = the flower symbolizing associated with roses is love, remembrance, passion (red); purity (white); infidelity (yellow); unconscious beauty, and I love you.

Anthuriums = The flower symbolism associated with the anthruium is With their open, heart-shaped flowers and tropical disposition, it’s no wonder that anthurium have come to symbolize hospitality.  Exotic and compelling, with bold, typically red flowers and shiny, dark green foliage, anthurium, like the hospitality they represent, are long-lasting and irresistibly beautiful.

Thought to  bring luck and protect against evil, legend has it that when the anemone closes its  petals, it’s a signal that rain is approaching.  Still other mythology connects the anemone to magical fairies, who were believed to  sleep under the petals after they closed at sunset.  Perhaps it’s because of this magical and prophetic  tales that today in the language  of flowers, anemones  represent anticipation

Peony = The flower symbolism associated with the peony is happy marriage, romance,  compassion, wealth and prosperity.

Camelias = The symbolic meaning of camelia flowers is admiration, perfection, good luck (gift for a man), gratitude, nobility of reasoning. The colors have specific symbolic meaning including innate worth, adoration, perfection nd loveliness (white); longing for a man (pink); and you’re a flame in my hear or excellence (red).

Orchids = The flower symbolism associated with the orchis is love, beauty, refinement, many children, thoughtfulness and mature charm.

Tulips = The flower symbolism associated with tulips is fame and perfect love. the symbolic meanings also change with the color of the tulips.  Red tulips mean “believe me”and are a declaration of love. Variegated mean “you have beautiful eyes”.  Yellow tulips mean “there’s sunshine in your smile: and cream  tulips mean ” I will love you forever”.





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