Other Color Meanings of the Rose

The Secret Language of Flowers

The more I researched the more I found about rose color meanings.  There are a lot of different ideas about what rose colors are meant to signify to the receipient, so I suggest always attaching a little note with the sentiment you are trying to convey to the recipient.
Red is the creative spirit of love.loverosepetals
True red is the lover’s rose.
Amaranth red: long standing desire
Cardinal red: sublime desire
Carmine: deceitful desire (not true to color)
Fieryred: flames of passion.
Yellow  – In Victorian times the rose meant jealousy. Maybe our thoughts have changed. Today it is given as a sign of friendship, sometimes as a sign of sympathy. It is the rose of familiar love and domestic happiness. The yellow rose of Texas is the only rose for me.yellowrosepetals
White  – Loyalty, penetrating and platonic love. Able to captivate secret  thought, love stronger than death. In England there is a…

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