Peonies = Happy Marriage!

The Secret Language of Flowers

My eldest daughter and her husbands best friends are getting married today!  They are both in the wedding party… I thought I would repost about our favorite wedding flower….the peony.

Peonies date to at least 1,000 B.C. These long-lived plants, some of which  are known to survive for as long as 100 years, are prized for their sturdy  foliage, lush blooms and sweet scent. Early American settlers brought peony  plants across the ocean and planted them on American soil to remind them of the homes  they had left behind.


Peony blossoms come in shades of white,  cream, pink, rose and deep red;  yellow-flowered peonies are more rare. Obviously, I am partial to the pink peony! Although  they bloom only in late spring or early summer, their glossy leaves remain an  attractive backdrop to the perennial border throughout the growing season.  Plants are available in both herbaceous (meaning that the…

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