Flowery Baby Girl Names!


Flower names for girls are one of the trendiest categories of baby names today. Since my oldest is expecting her first baby we are spending a lot of time with baby name books.

First came Lily, one of the trendiest girls’ names of the nineties ~ my little Rosebud has a bff named Lily.  Then Daisy began showing up on the choicest babies.  Rose became the middle name du jour.  And flower names for girls, last a craze a hundred years ago, became the most fashionable group around.

I am compiling names for my pregnant daughter.  I’m hoping for a boy since I have soooo many girls but if she does have  girl here, is a rundown of the choicest flowery baby girl names:


Daisy — Charming and simple, Daisy started off as a nickname for Margaret, now more popular than the original.

Iris — Former dowdy old lady name revived when Jude Law and Sadie Frost chose it for their daughter.

Jasmine — The most exotic of the popular flower names, with many spelling variations: Jazmin, Jazzmyn et al.  Related: Yasmine and cousins, along with the lovely British favorite Jessamine or Jessamyn, actually French for jasmine. (again my daughter has a bff named Jasmine!)

Lily — Also stylish as Liliana, Lilia, and in France, Lilou.

Rose — The middle name of the moment, with many variations — from Rosa to Rosalia to Rosemary — that would make lovely first names. My 3rd daughters middle name.  Love it! but it is a family tradition not trendy for our reasoning.

Violet — The adorable daughter of celebrities Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck has brought this lush flower choice before the public eye.  In France, Violette is chic, while in Italian it’s Violetta. Several Violets have been born recently to my oldest daughters group of friends!


The British are famous gardeners and have long been more hospitable to flower names than Americans.  Here, some heard most often in the British Isles.

Bryony — Name of a vine with green flowers, also spelled Briony, popular in England and rarely heard elsewhere.

Flora — Vintage name with considerable charm.

Ivy — Taking off in a big way in the U.S. thanks to its use as a middle name for baby Blue, daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z. Ivy is what I am pushing my daughter to choose if she has a girl.  Mom should hush…….she wlll never pick it unless I say I don’t care for it 🙂

Marigold — Posh British choice rarely heard elsewhere.

Petunia — Outside of the U.K., heard only in cow fields. lol

Pansy — Adorable  yet the teasing possibilities render this one an unlikely choice.

Poppy — Popular in Britain and beginning to be heard elsewhere too; a perfect companion for Daisy.

Primrose — Prim and dainty yet offbeat, the quintessential British name.


Amaryllis — The flower may be similar to a lily, but the name is considerably more offbeat.

Aster — The little girl on TV’s “Dexter” has this name, which could become more popular with the rise of the whole flower genre.

Azalea — The z will definitely keep it exotic.

Calla — Another lily relative, also similar to the trendy Callie/Kaylee family of names.

Dahlia — This one seems to be percolating and I  expect to hear more. We have a Dahlia in our 5th grade class!

Lilac — The two l’s, the similarity to Lily, and the beautiful color and scent of the original flower make this choice a winner.

Lotus — Only for the seriously exotic.

Orchid — Another hothouse bloom not for the shy.

Tulip — Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell used this as a middle name for one of their twins, and singer Tiny Tim picked it as a first several  decades ago.  An everyday flower that makes a less-than-ordinary name.

Zinnia — Any z name is off the beaten track.


Azami — Japanese for “thistle flower.”

Fleur — International words for “flower,” which also include Flor and Fiorello/Fiorella, make inventive flower choices.

Gelsey — Persian for “flower,” a balletic choice.

Iolanthe — Greek for “violet flower” — for those who want to make Violet a lot more exotic.

Jacinta — Spanish for hyacinth and more suited to use as a name.

Leilani— Hawaiian name that means ‘heavenly flower” and also has stylish double L sound. I know a few Leilani’s from different decades.

Linnea — Swedish botanist Carl Linneaus named this small white flower, also called the twin flower, after himself.

Marguerite — The French for daisy is newly chic there, as is Capucine (a actress from the original Pink Panther back in the day), which means nasturtium in France.

Zahara – A Hebrew name meaning flower popularized when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt chose it for their daughter.



Violet for Your Baby Girl


Violet is soft and sweet but not shrinking. The Victorian Violet, one of the prettiest of the color and flower names, was chosen by high-profile parents Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. Violet has begun a sure-to-be rapid climb to popularity, and is one of the Top 10 most-searched names.

Funny for a name that dozed quietly for decades.  Popular a hundred years ago, Violet began its steep descent by 1920, bottoming out in the early 1980s.  But it started rising again about a decade ago and climbed even more sharply after Garner and Affleck chose it for their daughter.

 Today, Violet is closing in on the Top 100, joining other such popular flower names as Lily, Daisy, and Rose.  Viola is the Italian and Scandinavian version, used by Shakespeare in Twelfth Night.  Violetta is the frillier, more operatic version.

Extaordinary Violet!

Violet flowers have an enchanted, other worldly quality to them. Their soft color gently pulses with mystery. Violet flowers symbolize charm, grace, elegance, and refinement. Their ethereal qualities also represent creativity. Violet flowers can make a strong romantic impression. A beautiful violet arrangement can also symbolize an important transition. Violet flowers are some of the most beautiful flowers in the world. You are sure to send an extraordinary message with a gorgeous violet bouquet.  Violet is also a wonderful flowery baby girl name………….hint hint to daughter 🙂


The Calla Lily


The Calla Lily……….one of my favorite flowers.  As a child we had one wild Calla Lily grow under the staircase to our backyard.  No one tended it………..it just thrived on each own.  Each spring I would marvel and its beauty and resilience.


Calla lily is an easy to grow perennial known for its beautiful, funnel like summer bloom.  “The Calla Lilies are in bloom again.” Katherine Hepburn whispered that line in the classic film Stage Door. The calla lily flower bulbs have been special to American gardeners and come in a variety of shades now. The pristine whites are wild flowering bulbs in South Africa, and even the new glamor colors are easy to grow.  They’re all great addition to the garden or in patio pots.


Calla lilies convey the messages of magnificent beauty, panache, feminine modesty and are a symbol of marriage.  They are popular during Easter and for wedding ceremonies.


Flowery Girls Names~Lily


Looking for a flowery girl name!  If my first suggestion of Rose was not an option my next stop is Lily! In fact Lily Rose is a pretty amazing name in itself!

The name “Lily” is of English origin and it means “Lily Flower”. It’s a name commonly given to girls. In 2012 it was the 5th most common girls name.  My Little Rosebud has a bff named Lily. How appropriate is that! And no wonder they get along so well.

The lily is a symbol of chastity and virtue and often depicted within religion.

What does the name Lily really mean? A name is much more than just a name!

L is for luster, your shine.

I is for impressive, your qualities.

L is for lucky, who is more?

Y is for yearning, your innermost desires.

A Rose….. from baby……. to girl…….to woman!


Looking for the perfect name for your perfect baby???  Look no more………………….consider Rose.  I am biased of course having a Rose myself, she comes from a long line of every variation of the name Rose for gosh, the past ???? generations.  We have lost count.  A Rose is an independent, ambitious and determined girl. She has great intuition, is noble and subtle. She makes decisions quickly. She likes to walk her own path and can not sit still for long in one place. The little girl Rose, is characterized by a great sense of humor and a remarkable zest for life that helps her achieve success.


Simply put, a Rose is the sweetest girl one will ever meet. She is caring, and extroverted. She has a natural ability of making the people around her smile or the people, who she isn’t around, jealous. A Rose may come off as a bit private initially, but waiting beneath is a bright and jovial spirit waiting to blossom.

She is what so many guys may call the elusive dream girl, but it is much more serendipitous than that. Dating a Rose is breathtaking. At every turn she’ll never cease to amaze, from holding on to every word you say to contemplating long hours about ways to make you feel special. So long as she is by your side, she will hold you through the darkest of moments. A Rose keeps you going when nothing else is, a treasure pearl that makes so many things anemic in comparison. Common side effects may include an unrelenting urge to think about, see, talk to, or hold her. If this happens to you, there is no use fighting it. A Rose knows just what to say or tease to drive you crazy for her. Her touch, paralyzing. That coupled with her undeniable pulchritude will leave you stunned as to how you were ever so fortunate. Even with all these attributes, a Rose can remain humble and even cynical towards herself. But that’s ok, because you and others know the truth. So sit back and watch as your defenses fall and your cerebral stronghold overrun, after all you are dealing with a Rose here.