Fun, Flirty and Fabulous Floating Centerpieces


A Fun DIY Project!


A floating flower centerpiece can be an elaborate creation with candles, ribbons, and exotic blossoms floating in a swimming pool–or as simple as a few flowers floating in a bowl of water or in wine glasses marching down the center of a table. As such, most floating flowers are meant to be seen from above. Whether you use real flowers or fake flowers the finished effect is magical.  I am partial to fake flowers because I take my them out of the water and air dry them on a tea towel and put them away until the next arrangement.  I find they hold up to a lot of usage.This is one of our favorite DIY projects right now.  We hunted down different shape bowls,  tall pillar glass jars, mason jars, glass “rocks”, water pearls and fake flowers, that we just cut the stems off, round mirrors,  also lots of votives to surround the bowl on the mirror  I usually use fake flowers from the Dollar Store.  For Valentines we found beautiful, glittery red roses that sparkled with the LED lights we put on the bottom, held down by our glass rocks.  We put floating red and white candle roses on top to really make the effect. Coordinate your colors so to make the most of the effect.


Real Flower Floaters

Flowers that have a broad base and are reasonably flat are the best for floating in water by themselves. Camellias, hollyhocks, gardenias, open roses, gerbera daisies and orchids are some of the best flowers for floating. More difficult are tube-shaped flowers such as lilies, tulips, and daffodils, or heavy flowers such as sunflowers. These have a tendency to sink after an hour or so. Cut the flower stem to an inch long. It will act as a stabilizer to keep the flower upright. Carefully place the flower in the water without getting water on the petals or in the center of the flower. The flowers can be floated in wine glasses, votive candle holders, and small bowls. A number of flowers may be floated in larger bowls or stemmed bowls. Flowers with floating candles make a stunning centerpiece. Float flowers in half-filled wine glasses  I use stemless wine glasses but any will work . Use the wine glasses to hold up a clear glass plate. Stack three to five shorter glasses with floating flowers on the glass plate. Add another glass plate with candles on top as the finishing touch.
Anything goes! Use your imagination, try different combinations. Just have fun with it!


Flowers For Valentines Day



FLORISTS look forward to Valentine’s Day. For the most part, anyway. “We love Valentine’s Day, but we can’t wait until it’s over,” says Rick, a floral designer with D. Wm. Quint florist in Boston. “We know to double our amount of roses, but we can never be prepared enough for last-minute orders.’

Here’s a thought……..Women buying flowers for men on V-Day.  Most often, men receive them in the office and are quite delighted.”

More teen-agers are rising to the occasion, buying flowers for each other and their parents.

Roses are still the No. 1 flower for Valentine’s Day in the United States. Some 24,000 roses were sold per minute on Feb. 14 last year in the US. About 70 million roses will be sold this month, of which 80 percent will be red.

When I  asked women what color they would prefer in roses, most of them surprisingly came up with pastels … peach, mauve, and pink. Which delighted me. I love red roses but lets mixed it up a bit now and then.

Florists may be less busy this year than in recent ones. Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, rather than a weekday, so people are likely to stay go out of town and might not be picking up the usual bouqets.  But online sales to out of town relatives should stay the same.

t’s a romantic day, and all kinds of flowers mean different things to different people, a bowl of gardenias, for example would be smashing.. Violets are still popular, too, as they were 25 years ago when a single rose would be placed in the middle of a violet bouquet, he says.

Making sure the flowers are ready for the holiday falls to the growers, whose preparations may begin the year before. Growers have been working extra hard for weeks. You’ve got to quadruple production for a one-week period. So, lets get out there and support out local growers!

My top choices for your sweetheart are  roses, carnations, and chrysanthemums, as well as trendier flowers such as lilies, gerbera daisies, and freesia.


But if you’re looking for something different,how about a dozen red tulips?  Mixed bouquets are also popular, especially as people become more knowledgeable about flowers – another trend.



But nothing beats a dozen red roses

To preserve that glow, you might try this formula for cut-flower bouquets suggested by Doc and Katy Abraham, nationally known horticulturists:

To one quart of water, add 1 tablespoon cane sugar, teaspoon household bleach, and 2 tablespoons citric acid (lime or lemon juice – preferably fresh). Strip off any leaves that will be submerged, and cut off the bottom half inch or so of the stems before putting them in water.


Sping Flowers In Mason Jars~ Quirky and Just Plain Fun

One of my very favorite ways to display spring/summer flowers is in simple mason jars.  It’s so easy to go to the local Trader Joe’s or flower market and pick out some seasonal blooms, cut the stems to the right size and pop into mason jars.  Try jars filled with a different color of tulips around the house! So pretty, so easy, so fun!

I’ve got a large Hen Party planned for this month and my large-sized blue mason jars are being pulled out. I plan on using big puffy white flowers, like Peonies or Hydrangeas. I’m going all white for this party which I have never done before! White flowers in blue mason jars, white table tops, white dress. With just a pop of color from the blue jars and green folliage. Should be interesting!

Once the spring blooms are in abundance at my favorite Trader Joe’s my weekly stop for brightly colored spring blooms is the highlight of my week.  I just love to come home and fill about half a dozen mason jars to brighten my kitchen for the week.  No special occasion needed!

I’ve used these arrangements for Homecoming pasta feeds, birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, dinner parties and mostly just for kitchen decoration to make my home look and feel cheery and colorful. They also make wonderful gifts.

Your local craft store or even grocery will sell mason jars in all types of sizes and colors.  I have an assortment in my hall closet that I pull from depending on the occasion and types of flowers I am using.

If you are lucky enough to own any of your grandmothers mason jar collections (my Grams canned fruit and had TONS of mason jars) – the vintage look for weddings is totally back in style! How easy to DIY and save some money while adding significance by using jars from your relations (especially if they are not their to enjoy the occasion with you). In spirit they will be by using their mason jars and beautiful blossoms! Love the idea!

Flowers For Springtime

While most flowers are available year-round from greenhouses, many flowers make a conspicuous appearance at a certain time of the year.  It is always appropriate to celebrate occasions with the seasons blossoms for almost any event.

Spring (March-May) flowers would be:


Apple Blossom










Pussy Willow



Golden Rod

Sweet Pea



We will go over each flower and their meanings!

The History of Giving Flowers


A single flower or  a huge bouquet may express love, remembrance, apology, support or simply be a  thoughtful gesture. Throughout human history, flowers have played a significant  role as gestures and gifts. Though specific meanings and traditions may change,  flowers remain a part of human connection.

Floriography, or the language of flowers, extends back hundreds of years in  history as a way for people to communicate.  Ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Chinese all refer to the use of flowers in  their stories and myths. The Greeks considered flowers to be of particularly  high importance and associated them with the gods. Evidence exists that giving flowers has been a significant part of culture  since the Middle Ages. In the mid-1700s, the significance increased when the  French and English, while visiting Turkey, discovered an entire language of  flowers which gave meaning to different flower types.
From this, the Victorian  culture created a meaning for every characteristic of a  flower.Victorians, living in an era when people did not believe in expressing  emotion, found the language of flowers to be an acceptable form of expression.  In typical fashion of the Victorian era, great effort and detail went into  giving meaning to everything about the flower. Its color, size, condition, any  accompanying flower and even flowers’ position in relation to other flowers all  conveyed meaning without saying a word. For example, a flower presented to  someone upside down meant the opposite of its supposed original meaning. The way  in which the flowers were presented or received–and which hand was used–also  held meaning.
Books and guides created during the Victorian period served as a decoder for  those receiving and giving flowers. What you might today say in a text  message  or email could be sent without a single word, provided you knew the meaning of  the flowers and their characteristics. The flower language books, however, were  not all written by the same author or in the same time period, so it could have  been that the giver and receiver each had a different interpretation of the  gesture.The history of flower giving continues to be written. In the United States it  might have once seemed inappropriate for a woman to give flowers to a man. Today  it no longer registers as out of the ordinary. Virtual flowers and Internet  florists provide new ways to deliver virtual or real flowers anywhere  in the world. Technological and scientific advances allow for year-round blooms  of every type of flower. Though most people no longer know the old-fashioned  meaning of many flowers, they still use flowers to convey sentiments to  others.


Happy Birthday, Girlfriend!


If your girlfriend is “The One,” and you see yourself eventually popping the  question, red roses convey the message of true love.  Sometimes, a single rose says more than a bouquet.  So, if you are on a budget do not worry about that expensive bouquet of red roses. Set the scene……….flowers, music, candle light,some chocolate covered strawberries,  maybe even some rose pedals scattered on the walk way to the front door.  When she arrives offer your birthday girl a single red rose! Play Elton John’s “The One’ in the background for a really romantic moment.  If money is not an issue and you want to sweep her off her feet…..hand over a lovely dozen long-stemmed red roses and you will be the Man!


A large of bouquet is always lovely but most of us gals are very sensible and understand that a huge bouquet of roses is pricey.  A single red rose given in the right manner is just as meaningful to us as a large bouquet that we know was not in the budget!


To send a different message, other varieties of flowers will customize your sentiments; for example,  dahlias say you are hers forever. Violets proclaim your faithfulness, and let her know she’s in your thoughts, while English ivy states your  intention of fidelity and a lifetime of wedded love ahead. If red roses aren’t  in your budget, a charming bouquet of white daisies also sends your message of a  love that conquers all, in a quieter way.


Maybe it’s too soon to know if there’s a wedding in your future. In that  case, the message you want to send is, simply, “I love you.” Red tulips declare your love simply yet boldly. To express your love and friendship, try red carnations. Orchids tell her, “You are beautiful.”


If celebrating her birthday for the first time, be sincere about your  feelings. In the Language of Flowers  giving the purple lilac reflect a  couple just beginning to feel the first blush of love — with an intoxicated  fragrance sure to please. Yellow irises indicate your feelings of passion. If  you’re not yet ready to declare your love, choose gardenias; if you appreciate her delicate beauty,  hibiscus flowers will let her know.


If your relationship hasn’t yet progressed to exclusivity, it would be dishonorable to choose red roses or flowers indicating fidelity. Light pink roses let her know she sparks your desire, while orange lilies trumpet your  passion. Yellow roses serve as ambassadors of forgiveness if for some reason you are residing in the dog house -maybe because you forgot you beloveds birthday!

The Secret Language of Flowers by Samantha Grey-A Perfect Gift For Mothers Day


The Secret Language of Flowers by Samantha Grey is the inspiration behind this blog.  There are many books on the Language of Flowers and I probably have them all but……this tiny little hard bound book by Samantha Grey is really something special.  Small in size, visually stunning, chock full of useful and interesting facts on flowers and the Victorian Era.  Full of poems, pictures and a deep understanding of the Victorians fascination with the Language of Flowers.  If you love flowers this is a great book to treat yourself to!  It is also the perfect book to give a flower loving friend! I can’t say enough about this tiny little gem!

50 flowers are described in glowing detail, with gorgeous illustrations! A perfect Mother’s Day gift for your garden loving Moma!